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Monthly photographic field trips

Trips are normally scheduled on Fridays about 9 times a year to local destinations, typically within an hour’s drive of Campbell, CA. These trips usually start in the morning and can last from 3 to 6 hours depending on the location. (Covid 19 make us Zoom only)

Monthly meetings (Zoom only during the Covid19 days)

Meetings are held in Campbell, CA in the Campbell Library Community Room on the afternoons (from 12:45  to 4 pm) of the first Friday of each month (subject to room availability) for two half-year sessions (from September to December and from February to June) and consist of a variety of events and activities including the following:

• Guest Lectures: At most meetings a skilled amateur or professional photographer from outside the club is invited to speak to the group for an hour-long program.

• Member Presentations: Members can be scheduled to present short talks (from 15 to 20 minutes). Possible topics include

     • the technical aspects of photography (e.g., software, gadgets, field techniques, etc.);

     • book, film, or exhibit reviews;

     • showcasing a member’s own photographic work on a specific topic or destination.

• Photo Sharing: Members share photographs (both print and digital media) of the past field trip (or other places recently visited by members). These photographs are not judged but constructive comments are welcome.

• Monthly Themes: Monthly themes are proposed to the membership and the resulting images are presented at the monthly meeting and posted on the FFF website.

• Field Trip Planning: The FFF coordinators lead a discussion of the photographic expectations of upcoming field trip and the logistics of the trip.

• Announcements: Members share items on upcoming exhibits, workshops, events of photographic interest, etc.

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